Cash for Annuity Payments

Get Cash for Your PaymentsAnnuity Transfers purchases insurance company annuity payments that have no relation to a settlement. If you have a previously invested funds in an annuity that will make payments to you in the future, but you need cash now, Annuity Transfers can purchase your payments provided the following is true:

  1. The payments are guaranteed to be made whether or not you are alive.
  2. The annuity allows for assignment of the payments and/or a change in the ownership of the annuity.

If there is information in your annuity contract confirming these facts, give us a call! If you are not sure, call anyway and we will help you obtain answers to your questions.

Remember, Annuity Transfers buys the rights to receive annuity payments, whether or not the annuity was the result of a settlement. In fact, payments not associated with a settlement may be purchased without court approval, and the entire transaction may be closed within two to three weeks.

In order to learn more about selling your annuity payments, send us a description of your annuity payment stream through our Automated Quote Request, or just give us a call toll-free on 1-888-638-0900. You may also print our Application if you would like to start the process now.

We look forward to having you as our customer!