Why Trust Annuity Transfers?Since we respect our customers, and believe strongly that good business is based on both trust and performance, it seems fair that you should ask the question: Why should I believe what I read about Annuity Transfers? Doesn’t everyone tell me that they provide great service and the best price? Yes, but…

At Annuity Transfers, we started this business in order to provide an ethical, honest, efficient alternative to the competition. Our philosophy is to educate you, our potential customer, so that you are equipped to make the right decision. This is a complicated business. The company that purchases your payments must do many things right in order for you to receive the purchase price. We must prove that you need the money worse than the company buying it from you! A judge will decide whether you should sell your payments, and that judge can say "NO!" for any possible reason. It is a fact that not every company in this business operates ethically. Some companies advertise a lot and concentrate on signing you up! Because it takes a long time to close these transactions, many companies hope that once you sign up, you will feel stuck. They hope that you will let them fix their mistakes, no matter how long it takes. They hope that you will give up, and feel like it is too late to change.

At Annuity Transfers, we say it is never too late. We are not embarrassed or afraid to say that a large percentage of our business comes from individuals who are selling payments a second time and will never do business with the company that purchased their payments previously. Or worse, the company that has signed them up has changed "the rules" and the original agreement is not what it was supposed to be.

At Annuity Transfers we say — beware of the following:

  1. Beware of anything that sounds too good to be true.
  2. Beware of the sales person that has no real decision-making power.
  3. Beware of receiving a contract from someone if you’ve not filled out an application.
  4. Beware of being told that the process takes 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. Beware if you ask questions and don’t get good answers.
  6. Beware of being told that you must pay legal fees that are not required.
  7. Beware of other hidden fees.

Okay, why should you trust Annuity Transfers? Simply put, the proof is in the pudding! We have no formal complaints filed against us anywhere. We have a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau. In the past three years, we’ve only had three court denials (out of hundreds). We do things right. We tell the truth. Our managers talk to you from the moment you call. We do not have salespeople working on straight commission. We are here to provide a service, that you may or may not need. We will provide options, answer your questions, treat you with respect. Remember that if your transaction does not get approved, you will get nothing. The company that is buying your payments must do everything right, understand the law, and have a spotless reputation. A judge can literally turn down your transaction because the company attempting to buy your payments has a bad reputation.

Bottom line: Give us a chance and hold us to the highest standard. We are ready to help you!