Our Customers

Our CustomersAt Annuity Transfers our customers have the freedom and flexibility to sell all, or simply a minor part, of their structured settlement payments to respond to today’s needs. Whether the goal is to raise funds to buy a family home, free up money to send a child to college, or to be able to respond to a financial emergency, we have the ability to put your structure to work for you now.

At Annuity Transfers we are well-educated on the settlement transfer process in all 50 states.  We take great care in making sure that the transfer is in your best interest and that the appropriate state law is followed so that to the transaction is approved by a court of law without hassle.  Our reputation as an honest, straight-talking company is known in court rooms across the country, exemplified by what our customers say about us, and demonstrated in our A+ rating and zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau throughout the company’s history. Simply put, judges approve our requests at the highest rate in the industry.  Our goal is to structure a transaction that works for you to you raise the funds you need to respond to your present situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.