Our Philosophy on Broker Relations

Annuity Transfers, Ltd. establishes mutually beneficial relationships with structured settlement and annuity brokers and consultants. Our goal is to convince brokers and consultants that we are a trusted source of funds for sellers of structured settlements and other annuities.

Bring us a deal and we will never forget where it came from…the fruit of your effort! You deserve the best and fastest commission possible. Annuity Transfers understands fully whose responsibility it is to get the deal done – OURS! You did the marketing, found the lead, and deserve to be paid for the effort… in our case, twice! Annuity Transfers’ Double Payment Program pays each of our brokers once after the seller has signed a contract, and then again at final contract funding. Though we fully expect to close every transaction we work on (over 99% of our structured settlement transfer petitions have been approved in court), our broker/consultants will receive at least $200.00 each time he or she brings business to Annuity Transfers.

If you are not familiar with the brokering of structured settlement payments, we recommend you read more by clicking the following link: Why Should You Broker Structured Settlement Payments? Once you have a general understanding of what this opportunity is all about, you may want to review our simple lists, prepared specially for brokers and consultants, who need to learn more about brokering a structured settlement and are interested in a big picture explanation of the structured settlement purchase process. One is entitled “How to Get the Ball Rolling” and will help the new consultant learn more about dealing directly with the structured annuity payee. The other, entitled “What’s Next?” walks you through the steps required to fund a structured settlement liquidation. We look forward to your questions after you’ve read these two documents.

We realize that cash flow brokers and consultants must concentrate on effective marketing and understand the cash flow itself in order to be successful. Annuity Transfers is ready and willing to provide information related to the purchase of structured settlement payments, especially the complex series of legal requirements that must be taken prior to funding a transaction of this type. We recommend that brokers visit our Media and Public Relations page that includes articles we’ve written, TV and print ads, and a recent press release, all of which provide lots of information helpful to the structured settlement broker.

Thanks again for your interest in Annuity Transfers, Ltd. GIVE US A CALL! LET’S DO BUSINESS!!!